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christus-jesus-christ-mormonEx-Mormons are not able to distance themselves from the gospel of Jesus Christ without antagonizing many others with vitriolic messages and false claims.  This site is here for those who want to hear another side of the story, the real truth about Mormons by Mormons from Mormons, members of The Church of Jesus Christ.  We invite all to visit with us, learn with us, look in upon our lives and see if what ExMormons espouse constitutes anything but runoff from a polluted well.

The Lord’s instrument (Mormons didn’t choose him, God did), Joseph Smith was martyred for his refusal to deny a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ, and the Lord’s instructions to him for the restoration of the Savior’s pure gospel truth to the earth.

We hope you’ll browse our site, ask questions, come back, and learn for yourself what is true. In a day when truth is obscured by media voices that are mixed, by those who promote one philosophy or another, we profess to the world, that God has spoken again. He has cleared the spiritual air, wiped away the fog of feigned faith, and restored, as He promised He would, His gospel truth, His Church, and His authority to the earth.

Thanks for visiting. Let us know your sincere thoughts.


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  1. Thanks, We sometimes wonder how to convey the truth to those who are so caught up in their desires to do anything except what they know they should to the point they feel guilty all the time. So, to lessen their guilt, rather than repent they lose their faith and say to themselves what they know way down deep it a lie, I am happy because now I don’t have guilt.

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